Best places to travel to in January

The beginning of the year is ripe with overzealous planning, much of which extends to travel. As travel enthusiasts, we understand the urge to hop on an plane and escape the cold. Here are some destinations that will not only give you a strong start to your travel goals but also help you check some places off your bucket list.


Chamonix, France

We’ve been around the block long enough to know that some people actually enjoy the cold. Chamonix is a great ski destination which makes it the perfect group winter destination. Think snowy alps, wonderful French food, warm beverages in a chalet and a mere hour from Geneva, Switzerland in case you have some extra loot left for shopping.


Costa Rica

This is an ideal time, price and weather wise, to visit the land of ‘Pura Vida’. Whichever side of the country you choose to visit, Pacific or Caribbean, you’re bound to have the perfect adventure needed to start the year off the right foot. This country is the perfect landscape for any traveler as it offers a host of activities that will cover any of your interests. Make sure to check out the hot springs and Fortuna falls - pictured above.

St Lucia

There is almost never a wrong time to visit St Lucia. Numerous Idyllic beaches, savoury food full of spices and homegrown ingredients, St Lucia’s incomparable natural beauty makes it an obvious choice for your first trip of the year. Enough sun to fix your Vitamin D deficiency but mild enough for you to explore the many gems around the island. Don’t miss the chance to visit Jade Mountain resort and check out their cocoa factory where they make their own chocolate. You won’t believe the view of the Pitons from the resort.

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Jolie Adam2 Comments