Best places to travel in February

We’re past the denial stage and are now accepting that there is still another month and a half until spring. In our northern American dialect, February means ‘escape’. We’ve rounded up the best places to escape the coldest winter month.

Cartegena, Colombia

This vivacious town has been popping up on travel feeds recently with its colourful walls and friendly people. It’s a loved destination by many thanks to its affordability. It’s close enough to visit over an extended weekend trip and varied enough to give you a taste of what Colombia has to offer.



Often cited as the 'New York of Central America’, this is an ideal destination for the traveler who can’t bear to spend an entire weekend idle. Whether you explore the city by foot, trail off to San Blas Islands for a day or Barú volcano for hiking that will lead you to unbelievable ocean views, there is plenty to see and do in Panama.

Turks and Caicos

Renowned for its pristine beaches, this island is a little haven just 3-4 hours away from the east, making it another easy escape from winter. Grace Beach has been famously named the ‘best beach in the world’ and Bight Reef is a hot snorkelling spot. If getting wet isn’t your thing, you could always marvel at the scenic beaches from the shore or sign up for horseback riding.

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